Lessons learned in online marketing

by Fredrik Andersson. 2 Comments

Today’s online marketplace offers a smorgasbord of marketing channels and vast spectra of innovative options, brand building touch points and means of approaching your customer segment(s) so the question is where to start?

Start with the essentials
Commence with the basics and focus on building your base of customers through the channels that makes it easy to assess and control the margins for instance via affiliate partnerships of CPA deals. Thereafter continue with more risky marketing vehicles to expand further.

Monitor trends before fully engage
Weigh the pros and cons of for instance social engagement vs. more quantifiable marketing efforts and what one another can deliver in terms of acquisition, retention and branding. Cater for proof of concepts and scale up when you’ve figured out the dynamics given the marketing strategy and objectives of the upcoming campaigns. Think broad and define you’re multi-channel strategy, what should be accessible via mobile and desktop also do you need to bridge between offline and online activities? What do you want to convey, what’s your quantifiable goal and through what channel or combination of channels will you achieve it?

Tune in to the feedback of your target audience
Make sure you have tools and manpower in place to monitor and interact with customers to engage, review, adjust – learn and adapt to customer needs and the feedback of your campaigns through all customer touch points. Is the conveyed message absorbed and understood as intended, is the message driving the brand positively and is it coherent through the various channels? You need to know.

Assess and deliver
Trust your customers, they will stay loyal with the brand fulfilling their needs hence show your willingness to cater for the market needs and act upon customer feedback. As mentioned before customers sticks to simplicity, hence optimise the user experience (no loose ends) and the quality of your product and added services. Walking the extra mile for you customers will generate sustainable business value and the brand ambassadors will start popping up.

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