Marketing wisdom #2 – Branding through disruptive consistency

by Fredrik Andersson. 3 Comments

We know about disruptive innovation and the aim of generating game shifting business ideas. This article expands on that In terms of brand management and relating case study explains how disruptive consistency is thought of to put you as the market leader within your product category:

In short start to challenge the rules of your industry (don’t adapt to them) and/or product/service category and assess whether it can be capitalised on and strengthen the brand putting things in a different way.

Make sure your disruptive marketing endeavours constantly deliver upon the brand. You may be as creative as possible and step out of the comfort zone as long as the brand association and attributes your conveying and seek to establish strongly correlatives positively in increasing the brand and add value to the customer experience. Benchmark with net promoter score (NPS) and test groups.

Differentiation is the key and making it count for the brand will dictate the success!

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